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we.CONECT Global Leaders is a leading business information company, developing and providing virtual business conferences, senior level B2B live events, digital business communities & supporting event technology at the interface between real live business, digital transformation & future technologies & challenges.

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12 Mar, 2023
The manufacturing industry is facing the greatest upheaval and change since the advent of mass production. Innovations such as IIoT, advanced analytics and automation are creating a megatrend of smart manufacturing. Smart factories are changing the entire production chain –...
Past Event
26 Mar, 2023
Over 600 of the most influential technical autonomous vehicle experts and executives from around the world will converge in Berlin. The conference will be focusing on AI, Machine Learning, Sensor + Perception Technologies, Software Architectures + AV Platforms, Commercial Vehicles,...
12 Mar, 2023
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have ignited the fourth industrial revolution. Join manufacturing professionals from across Europe at 5th AI in Manufacturing for an insight into how AI can contribute to the changing needs across various manufacturing sectors, functions and...
Past Event
5 Mar, 2023
Meet over 250 innovation, technology, product and R&D managers. Discuss how to deal with the pressure to innovate, the challenges and opportunities of digital technologies and the complex effects of disruption.
Past Event
30 Aug, 2022
Welcome to ScaleUp 360° Continuous Delivery & Automation Summer Europe ??the digital event for DevOps experts, end users and practitioners. Experience 2 days of virtual sessions and case studies on DevOps & Software Development/Deployment innovations by true industry thought leaders.
Past Event
Welcome to the ScaleUp 360° B2B Sales Force, the digital summit for sales, CRM, customer experience and marketing decision-makers! Experience 2-day virtual sessions from experts and decision-makers from industry on approaches, technologies and solutions for efficient and powerful sales and...
Past Event
22 Nov, 2022
Welcome to ScaleUp 360° Big Data Europe – the digital event for Data Analytics, Business Intelligence and IT Infrastructure leaders and practitioners in Europe. Experience 2 days of virtual sessions and case studies on use & business cases on analyzing...
Past Event
29 Aug, 2022
Welcome to ScaleUp 360° e-Mobility HMI & UX Europe – the digital event for leading automotive HMI & UX experts. Experience 2 days of virtual sessions and case studies by stakeholders involved in the UX of EV Charging Processes, in-car...
Past Event
25 Oct, 2022
Welcome to ScaleUp 360° Lidar & Radar Systems Europe – the digital event on the latest advances and technologies of Sensor Fusion – Camera, Radar, Ultrasonic and LiDAR in ADAS & High Level Autonomous Driving. Experience 2 days of virtual...
Past Event
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