Security Identification Union (SID)

The 5th series of Swiss franc banknotes has been launched, featuring a purple stripe on the 500 Rial and a new type of security feature – micro optic embedded stripe. Holographic patches featuring optically variable depth effects and bespoke imagery appear on the 50, 100, 200 and 500 notes, with Enhanced Gemini™ on every denomination. The first time IGNITE® appears on circulating banknotes and the first time that the red/black and red/green colour shift is seen in a note.

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12 Apr, 2022
Security paper, security inks, security materials, fibre, thread, taggants, holography material, label material. Products and technologies on banknote, ID documents, financial card, financialbills, high security files, ticket,brand protection. Digital Security Identification and Recognition Technology. Block chain technology solution. Artificial intelligence...
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