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Maarefah Management is a world-class events, training and association management company that works closely with key opinion leaders, industry bodies and professional associations to help individual’s career development in order to grow and sustain successful businesses.

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6 Oct, 2022
That’s why the Dubai International Paediatric Neurology Congress taking place in Dubai, UAE will shed the light on all the aspects related to this vital specialty , from diagnosis to treatment of many neurological disorders like paediatric epilepsy, neurodevelopment disorders,...
Past Event
17 Sep, 2022
The Women’s Health virtual Series will feature a comprehensive review of current issues and recent advances in selected areas such as obstetrics, gynaecology. Webinar will give the attendees a good chance to discuss the common challenges that they are facing...
Past Event
16 Sep, 2022
The 8th Annual MENA International Orthopaedic Congress is being held in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (MME) from 26-28 April. The conference theme will focus on the practical management and latest evidence-based clinical data that will highlight the most advanced...
Past Event
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