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Healthcare Conferences UK organises and organises conferences and exhibitions of high quality in healthcare with special interest to the clinical audience. Our events support the sharing of knowledge and professional development, and use case studies to develop a practical approach to learning. Our conferences are looking forward to welcome you.

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14 Feb, 2023
The course is being offered by the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh. It aims to improve patient safety, staff engagement and psychological safety through e-learning and coaching.
This 3 day intensive training course will provide an effective guide to improving your communication skills. With each day focusing on difficult conversations, managing difficult people, and conflict and conflict resolution the course will empower you with the skills to...
3 Feb, 2023
The 2023 Nurse Prescribing Leadership Summit will take place virtually. This CPD certified conference provides a unique opportunity to learn from other nurse prescribers. Through national updates, practical case studies and a choice of interactive workshops the conference will support...
Take part in a simulated Case Conference based on a detailed case study. Develop an understanding of the assessment and decision-making processes and gain a sound grasp of the principles and processes for effective collaboration.
Wesleyan are offering a series of short virtual webinars. They understand your career stages and can advise on savings and investments. This Free to Attend webinar is designed specifically for medical professionals. You will have the opportunity to ask questions,...
Nudge-type interventions have the potential for changing behaviours. We will look at examples of Nudge Theory use in healthcare and external organisations and how we can use these to improve patient safety and also to reduce inefficiency and waste.
The new NHS Patient Safety Syllabus has brought education and training to the fore to push patient safety in healthcare. Based on the syllabus this masterclass will focus on how Induction and Mandatory training can be improved for Patient
26 Oct, 2022
Wesleyan are offering a series of short virtual webinars offering financial advice and support. We understand your career stages and can advise on savings and investments, the NHS pension scheme, and retirement. This Free to Attend webinar is designed for...
20 Oct, 2022
The British Association of Day Surgery are pleased to announce a virtual conference focusing on Day Case Total Hip Replacements. We have seen a huge rise in the number of patients waiting for orthopaedic surgery with > 0.5 million now...
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