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Producing high level conferences and summits for the Pharmaceutical, Medical and Agricultural Biotechnology sectors our experienced team of researchers provides you with the opportunity to share knowledge, network and most importantly find sources of new models, suppliers and customers.

Conferences include:

  • Cyber Security and Blockchain Summit
  • NASH Congress
  • International Cannabinoid-Based Drug Discovery and Development (iCBD3)
  • Plant Genomics & Gene Editing Congress: Europe
  • Bioprocessing Congress
  • Microbiome & Probiotics Series: Europe
  • Digital Pathology & AI Congress USA
  • Pharma R&D Informatics & AI Congress
  • Medicinal Chemistry Congress
  • Microbiome & Probiotics Series: USA
  • Plant Genomics & Gene Editing: USA
  • Parnerships in Biocontrol Biostimulants and Microbiome
  • Digital Pathology & AI Congress: Europe
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14 Mar, 2022
An increasing number of people are being diagnosed with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) each year, and the primary method of treatment is weight loss. With no approved medicines on the market, the drug development race...
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27 Jan, 2022
The Engage Leaders Conference is designed to equip Christian leaders to live whole-heartedly in the light of the gospel. Four days of training include small group training, Bible talks and workshops that will equip you to engage, handle and teach...
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14 Jun, 2022
In this conferance 45+ presentations on digital pathology’s most recent advancements and applications. Learn how machine learning and artificial intelligence are being used in primary diagnosis and clinical research. Learn how the laboratory is being transformed by the image-based information...
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Access 20+ presentations to discover more about the latest scientific, technological and commercialisation trends and learn how they are driving forward skin microbiome research. Presentations address host-microbe interaction, skin disease, emerging technologies, interventional and cosmetic advances, and regulatory considerations. We are grateful to the members of the...
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1 Dec, 2021
40+ presentations were given at the 2020 meeting. Over two days attendees discovered more about the latest advances and applications of digital pathology. They also learned how artificial intelligence and machine learning is being applied to primary diagnosis and clinical...
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