Convenzis is a family run company with over 50 years of combined experience across the team in the events industry, we are our proud to provide conferences, summits and dinners.

We aim to bring together senior teams in the public and private sector to deliver change and transformation. We use our vast amount of practical experience in public sector event’s management to provide high level CPD accredited days that provide invaluable networking opportunities, exposure to high ranking government speakers and tailored sponsored exhibition sessions.

Our events provoke technical and practical debate through keynote presentations, our contributors include UK and foreign ministers, senior civil servants, private sector experts and academics, discussing the latest initiatives and projects along with case studies and comments on Best Practice. Aimed towards insightful discussion of key public and private sector topics.

We focus on the UK, Europe and afar to show how new and innovative case studies and policies can be replicated to benefit any company or public body looking to increase efficiency and promote change.

Delegates participate in workshops with key industry stakeholders to ensure that relationships are forged, and Best Practice circulates. Our plenary sessions are driven to give a stimulating, interesting and thought-provoking debate, and we encourage proactive relationship building and networking in the exhibitor consultation area.

We can help you track the latest developments in Central and Local Government, NHS, Blue Light, Private and Third Sectors. By working with senior management stakeholders, we aim to promote real change and transformation throughout industry.

Our days are designed to enable businesses to work together from opening up initial conversations, holding one-to-one meetings and hosting group discussions, all with the goal of business being closed on the day or providing the platform for strong business discussions shortly afterwards

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21 Mar, 2023
The NHS Surgery Virtual Conference series provides a safe and secure platform for NHS Surgeons and clinical teams to meet with peers, share insights and listen to the latest national policy updates. Delegates can expect to benefit from live keynote...
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14 Mar, 2023
The Convenzis NHS Data and Information Virtual Conference series provide NHS IT Managers and data specialists with the latest national policy updates and best practice from across the UK. Over 1000 delegates have joined us throughout the pandemic to discuss...
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There is still little known about Robotic Process Automation within Health and Social care here in the UK. Following the Covid-19 outbreak, it is more important than ever to focus on emerging technology as a partner in increasing clinical time...
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The Convenzis Primary Care Conference series has welcomed over 1500 NHS based primary care leaders, 60 sector-leading guest speakers and 50 innovative and forward-thinking event sponsors. Our switch to virtual, following the Covid outbreak, provided a well-needed platform to discuss...
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24 Nov, 2022
The number of outpatient visits in England has doubled to 94 million in the past decade. Costs have spiralled to £8 billion per year and appointments generate 4,700 million kg of carbon emissions. NHS England plans to tackle this rise...
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29 Nov, 2022
Genomics is the study of the body’s genes, their functions and their influence on the growth, development and working of the human body. Health Education England has developed a Genomics Education Programme which aims to enable both current and future...
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30 Nov, 2022
In March 2021 the NHS published the Network Contract Directed Enhanced Service Structured medication reviews and medicines optimisation guidance. PCNs must proactively consider all aspects of this guidance when planning, implementing and delivering structured medication reviews (SMR). SMRs are designed...
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23 Nov, 2022
Elective recovery tech fund has been established to support organisations across the NHS in England. The focus is on supporting people having surgery and in need of specialist advice. This funding is part of a £700 million Targeted Investment Fund...
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22 Nov, 2022
ICSs are partnerships of health and care organisations that come together to plan and deliver joined-up services, and improve the health of people in their area.
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