Chinese Environment Mutagen Society

The EMGS was founded in 1969 by distinguished scientists Drs. Alexander Hollaender, Joshua Lederberg, James Crow, James Neel, William Russell, Heinrich Malling, Frederick J. de Serres, and Matthew Meselson, among others. The society was founded to provide a forum for the establishment and support of scientists in the field of environmental mutagenesis. Although the initial focus was on germ-cell mutagenesis, the interests of the society soon expanded to encompass all areas of mutagenesis, including mutational mechanisms, development of test methods, molecular epidemiology, biomarkers, and risk assessment.

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The 7th Asian Congress on Environmental Mutagens/19th Chinese Environmental Mutagen Society meeting 2022 (ACEM/CEMS 2022) will be held during November 4 – 7 in Qingdao, China. The theme of the conference is “The Impact of Global Change on Asian Environment...
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