IFS Institute
1. Education 2. IFS training
Internal Family Systems (IFS) is an evidence-based model of therapy, but more than that it is a movement. One that can help people heal and help the world become a more compassionate place
Illinois Association for Gifted Children (IAGC)
1. Education 2. communities
The Illinois Association for Gifted Children empowers educators, families and communities by advancing effective practices, programs and policies to promote the development of gifted and talented children throughout Illinois
The Conference Forum
1. Industry Research 2. Conference Development 3. Networking 4. KOL Information & Lead Generation 5. Events 6. Webinars 7. Editorial 8. Newsletters 9. Clinical Research 10. Immuno-Oncology 11. Drug Delivery 12. Drug Development 13. Clinical Operations 14. Clinical Trials 15. Patient Engagement 16. Patient Centricity 17. Immuno Therapy
The Conference Forum has a very specific focus - developing specialized events for professionals in the life science industry. Our goal is to create the best content in an ideal forum for the exchange of ideas among peers and networking for pharmaceutical and biotech professionals. All of our conferences revolve around the mission of getting therapeutics to patients faster.
Florida Apartment Association
1. multi-family housing 2. apartments 3. political advocacy 4. industry education
The Florida Apartment Association is a federation of associations representing & advocating the interests of Florida's multifamily rental housing industry.
North American Meat Institute
1. food safety 2. workforce safety 3. animal handling 4. international trade 5. business economics 6. nutrition & health 7. crisis management 8. food processing 9. packaging tradeshow
NAMI is a national trade association representing meat and poultry companies and their suppliers throughout North America.
Michigan Council of the Society for Human Resource Management (MISHRM)
1. Human Resources 2. Leadership 3. Employee Engagement 4. Education 5. SHRM
Michigan Council of the Society for HR Management (#MISHRM): leading voice for the HR profession in the State, serving and supporting 19 chapters in Michigan.
Wisconsin State Council SHRM
1. Events 2. Conferences 3. SHRM
Wisconsin State Council’s mission is to share expertise and facilitate thought leadership to advance human capital practices across Wisconsin.With a goal of developing professionals and serving the HR profession, the Wisconsin State Council is a communication link between the chapters, council leaders and national. It provides:1. Forum for the exchange of their ideas and information concerning chapter administration and the HR profession.2. A structure for its members to consult together on the needs and concerns of the profession enabling HR professionals to increase their knowledge and make informed decisions to contribute to business success.3. Comprehensive information, tools, conferences and other leadership development opportunities to meet the needs of is members in order to progress the profession and society as a whole.4. A connection with SHRM members within the state who are not affiliated with any specific chapter – at-large members.
The Energy Council
1. Business 2. Events 3. energy
The Energy Council membership platform offers meaningful introductions and direct engagement between investors, finances and asset owners. The Energy Council supports both conventional and renewable energy sector deal-flow activity.
The Wall Street Journal
1. Breaking news 2. Investigative reporting 3. Business coverage
The Wall Street Journal was founded in July 1889. Ever since, the Journal has led the way in chronicling the rise of industries in America and around the world. In no other period of human history has the planet witnessed changes so dramatic or swift. The Journal has covered the births and deaths of tens of thousands of companies; the creation of new industries such as autos, aerospace, oil and entertainment; two world wars and numerous other conflicts; profound advances in science and technology; revolutionary social movements; the rise of consumer economies in the U.S. and abroad; and the fitful march of globalization.
LeadingAge Maryland
Community care
Our mission is to expand the world of possibilities for aging through advocacy, education, innovation and collaboration. We are a community of not-for-profit providers and a wide range of collaborators united to shape the future of aging in Maryland.
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