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Safeguarding Australia
1. Security & Defense
The summit will consider the pathways forward to protecting Australia's interests in the space domain. The space domain is a place of increasing competitive friction between both great and small powers. We face hazards from poorly executed control of vehicles and "space junk" and threats of surveillance and espionage.
Military Operations Research Society
1. Security & Defense
"ISMOR is an annual international symposium sponsored by the UK Ministry of Defence which offers a unique opportunity to spend quality time exploring the application of analysis to practical issues in defence and security with a wide range of colleagues from across the world. "
1. Security & Defense
Corpolinx will only sell to believers. Unlike competitive events, Corpolinx never "guests" to portray inflated delegate numbers that may or may not be relevant. We will only encourage your involvement if YOU can see the value in being involved. Please ring Maliha on 0467023502 or email today to discuss how we can work together towards a winning partnership.
National Utility Contractors Association
Building & Construction, Business Services, Education & Training, Miscellaneous, Security & Defense
NUCA’s core purpose is to improve the operational proficiency and financial performance of its member companies by providing services that focus on shared industry issues. NUCA also works to secure more funding for America’s aging underground infrastructure. Founded in 1964, NUCA is the driving force for improving conditions in the utility construction and excavation industry, for both open-cut and trenchless contractors.
The Air Force Association
Arts & Crafts, Education & Training, Logistics & Transportation, Banking & Finance, Security & Defense, IT & Technology, Industrial Engineering, Business Services
Our mission is to promote dominant U.S. Air and Space Forces as the foundation of a strong National Defense; to honor and support our Airmen, Guardians, and their Families; and to remember and respect our enduring Heritage.
1.Science & Research,2. Business Services,3. 4.Education & Training, 5.Environment & Waste, 6.Power & Energy, 7.Banking & Finance,8. IT & Technology
The Ifo Institute wants to help shape the economic policy debate in Germany and Europe. We can because we combine excellent research with economic policy relevance. The research results offer those responsible in politics and business a basis for factual decisions. We prepare scientific findings in such a way that the media and the public can understand and classify current economic and political events. The people at the Ifo Institute, its supporters and the committees make it possible to fulfill our mission. The close cooperation with the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich is an important basis for our success.
RK Shows Inc
1. Arts & Crafts 2. Business Services 3. Security & Defense
We are one of the largest Gun and Knife Show promoters in the US. With over 29 years of excellence, we gained a reputation for bringing you the highest quality events. Simply by offering more vendors, and variety and consistency at our shows. Furthermore by advertise more than our competitors. R.K. Shows is continually increasing in size and quality. If there is something that you would like to see on this site or any suggestions on how we can improve this site, please feel free to contact us via phone, email, Facebook, or simply click Contact Us to be redirected to our contact us page with more information. Safety is first at all of RK Shows Events, so we will have security and check-in points for the safety of our attendees and vendors at each event.
Marv Kraus Promotions
1. Arts & Crafts 2. Security & Defense
Up In Arms Gun Show
1. Arts & Crafts 2. Security & Defense
Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries
Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries is a nonprofit organization that represents the defense and security industries of Canada. It was established as a chapter of the American defense Preparedness Association or ADPA on 30th November 1983. Tim Page is the President of the Board of Directors of the organization. It became as an independent organization in the year 1987 with the name Canadian Defense Preparedness Association. The name was later changed to Canadian Defense Industries Association and the new name was adopted on 6th December 2005. The acronym of the organization is CADSI. The main mission of this association is to foster an environment for all its members and helps them to gin good defense and security market places at domestic and international level. Securetech is an event that is hosted by this organization.
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