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Academy of Marketing Science
1. Marketing Congress 2. Marketing knowledge dissemination 3. Marketing practice
The Academy of Marketing Science Foundation is an international, scholarly, professional organization.
Genetics Society of America
1. genetics 2. research 3. science 4. education 5. genomics
Founded in 1931, the Genetics Society of America (GSA) is the professional membership organization for scientific researchers and educators in the field of genetics. Our members work to advance knowledge in the basic mechanisms of inheritance, from the molecular to the population level.
British Society of Gastrointestinal and Abdominal Radiology
1. Science & Research 2. Interest Group 3. Research of abdominal disease 4. Forum 5. Provide expert input 6. Annual meeting
The British Society of Gastrointestinal and Abdominal Radiology (BSGAR) is a Special Interest Group of the Royal College of Radiologists and provides a forum for imaging, intervention and research in the care of patients with abdominal disease.
Southern California Biomedical Council
1. Education 2. biotech 3. medical device 4. digital health communities
Bio-fortified tweets from the team at SoCalBio – the goal is to keep you up-to-speed on the latest developments in the L.A. region’s life science industry.
Academic OASIS
1. Management 2. Marketing Strategy 3. Psychology
Academic Organization for Advancement of Strategic and International Studies (Academic OASIS) is an association of dedicated professionals, who willingly devote their capabilities in an ethical way for the betterment of our local communities and the society in general. Academic OASIS Members are scholars at colleges, universities, and research institutions, as well as practitioners with scholarly interests from business, government, and not-for-profit organizations.
1. media guests 2. scientist 3. writers 4. artists 5. merchandise dealers 6. performers 7. a world recognized Masquerade
We are an Institutional Member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Inc.
1. Training 2. DIY course 3. Genetic solution market
When you aspire to be excellent in everything you do, there’s no limit to the goodness you can inspire.
Purdue University
1. Science 2. technology 3. engineering 4. math
Purdue University is a public university located in West Lafayette, Ind. We are one of the nation's leading research institutions with a reputation for excellent and affordable education.
Eurasia Business and Economics Society
1. Science 2. Research 3. Business Services 4. Education 5. Training 6. Banking & Finance
EBES is a non-partisan, scholarly association dedicated to the discussion and publication of business and economics research and aims to advance the economic and business knowledge and the profession. EBES encourages plurality, freedom of expression and multidisciplinary.
Emory University School of Medicine Continuing Medical Education
1. Education 2. Biomedical research 3. Patient care
The Emory University School of Medicine is a leading institution with the highest standards in education, biomedical research, and patient care.
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