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ESMA was founded in 1990 as the European association of screen printing equipment manufacturers. Today, ESMA's focus lies on all industrial, functional and specialised printing applications. Disruptive developments in printed interior decoration, printed electronics, plastics (IMD and FIM), textiles and glass.
English UK
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The English Company (UK) Ltd is a leading and prestigious organization engaged in promoting and supporting studies in global English. The organization specializes in projects relating to global English and the impact of its development on economies, societies and other languages. The company was incorporated in 1996 and has been responsible for a number of landmark projects, including The Future of English (1997) and English Next (2006).
Ecovia Intelligence
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Ecovia Intelligence (formerly known as Organic Monitor) is a specialist research, consulting & training firm that focuses on global ethical product industries. Our unique mix of business services are used by an extensive client base, ranging from multinationals, government departments, industry organisations, financial institutes, small-medium size organisations to start-ups / entrepreneurs.
Western Candy Conference
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Networking among peer groups is also encouraged so that everybody becomes aware of the latest trends. Past editions of the flagship event of WCC the Western Candy Conference have been organized in California Hawaii and Nevada. The WCC is poised to organize the latest edition of this event.
XPO Exhibitions Limited
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Today XPO manages it’s own bespoke visitor registration database containing more than 250,000 unique trade industry visitors. Visitor trade profiles include contact details, position/role, number of employees, annual turnover, geographic reach, product interest and purchase power.XPO uses that information via email, direct mail, social media, online and onsite at our events.XPO will help you Showcase, Educate and Sell your products to targeted niche industry attendees covering a broad array of business sectors.
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