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The Energy Conference Network focuses on delivering unique market intelligence and profitable business relationships through intensively researched and exemplarily delivered conferences. Over the past five years, the Energy Conference Network has quickly become one of the largest and most respected independent energy conference organizers in the world – organizing over a hundred events for thousands of energy executives and technology innovators. Our global network of internal and external experts create and design each event to maximize the takeaways for each attendee – with the number of repeat delegates and sponsors a testament to the event outcomes.
VDI Wissensforum GmbH
Auto & Automotive
Since 1957, we have been the further training specialist for engineers, technical specialists and managers. We cover almost every technical discipline in 2,150 congresses, conventions, technology forums, courses and seminars each year. Our portfolio also includes international events, soft skills and management topics. More than 37,000 participants train and develop themselves further annually, thanks to our offers. As an experienced provider of further training, specifically for engineers, technical specialists and managers, our most important principle is: always be at the cutting edge. We constantly adapt our offers to the demands of the market. Therefore, we are just as much characterised by change and movement as by reliability and continuity. We teach skills and knowledge in practically all technical disciplines and topics. In so doing, we attach great importance to practical relevance in all of our events. Your added value: you make use of a diverse and extensive range - no matter what area you work in and where you currently stand on your career path. Non-technical qualifications such as management and leadership skills, social skills, business administration and law supplement our further training spectrum.
Carhs gmbh
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The global automotive industry is undergoing a radical transition to embrace the new paradigms of connected, autonomous, shared and electrified mobility. is empowering engineers to manage this transition by providing a unique set of offerings: Knowledge Spaces: Digital and live learning spaces with the best teachers from industry, academics and governments. Knowledge Conferences: Global and Digital Networking, bringing together automotive experts, thought leaders, requirements stakeholders and technology providers. Knowledge Bases: Databases, made for engineers by engineers. Guiding the professionals through the jungle of requirements with the latest news and documents. Knowledge Works: Consulting based on Experience. Benefit from our significant network of experts all around the world to tackle the challenges of new mobility.
Vogel Communication Group
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The Vogel Communications Group, with 750 employees and around 100 million in sales, is a leading provider of specialist communication and information. It operates at 7 locations in German-speaking countries, and also internationally with a focus on China. 5 complementary communication agencies, 3 service companies and 14 specialist media areas from the 5 economic fields of automotive, industry, information technology, law / economy / taxes and B2B communication / marketing are bundled under the umbrella of the corporate group. The Vogel Communications Group offers 250+ services for corporate communications, 100+ trade magazines, 100+ digital platforms and communities as well as 300+ business events per year.
Bobit Business Media
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If you want to engage decision makers, Bobit Business Media offers unrivaled expertise in every platform: developing branded content, executing custom events, doing original research, and providing web analysis services that can drive business. We know your markets and we know how best to reach the buyers. We are experts in determining the RIGHT platform, the RIGHT distribution channel, and the RIGHT content to engage YOUR buyers.
University of Oxford
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Oxford is a truly international university, bringing together the best and brightest minds from around the world. Our 13,000 staff and 22,000 students come from a wide range of backgrounds and over 140 countries and territories, making Oxford a diverse and dynamic place to work and study. Ranked number one in the world in the 2021 Times Higher Education World Rankings, we are at the forefront of the full range of academic disciplines, including medical sciences; mathematical, physical and life sciences; humanities; and social sciences. As the oldest university in the English-speaking world, we have long traditions of scholarship, but we are also forward-looking, creative and cutting-edge. Oxford is one of Europe's most entrepreneurial universities: we rank first in the UK for university spin-outs, with more than 130 companies created to date. We are also recognised as leaders in support for social enterprise. Oxford’s collegiate system lies at the heart of our success, giving academics and students the benefit of belonging to a large, internationally renowned institution and to an intimate, interdisciplinary academic community. Employers consistently report that Oxford graduates have excellent employability skills such as problem-solving, leadership and communication: 95 per cent of Oxford leavers are in employment or further study six months after graduating.
VDI Verlag GmbH
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VDI Verlag GmbH was founded in 1923. Since its inception, this leading organisation has aided engineers and technical professionals in networking with one another as well as gathering vast and relevant industry information. The organization's CEO is Raymond Johnson Ohla. It creates great opportunities for the professionals and also disseminates quality ideas and information among them, which is why it is so important. They also host a number of events and tradeshows associated with the industry. In order to enhance the business prospects, Vdi Recruiting News Day Kiel and other events are hosted by this organisation.
International Academic of Science Technology Engineering and Management (IASTEM)
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The International Academy of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Management is a private, non-profit organisation committed to promoting international education and university collaboration in the fields of science, engineering, and management. IASTEM arranges scientific seminars, lectures, educational conferences, and gatherings all around the world, bringing together institutions, bodies, and organisations from all over the world for debate and collaboration.
Ohio Swap Meet
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1. Auto & Automotive 2. Business Services 3. Education & Training 4. Miscellaneous 5. Logistics & Transportation 6. Banking & Finance
Organize international high-level summits, including customer-tailored events. To act as a link between companies and new networks and opportunities. To improve information and knowledge exchange. To provide a forum for sharing knowledge and professional or business networking. To promote companies and institutions on a global scale. To locate potential business prospects. To serve as a platform for worldwide business networking and discussion. To organise and handle business-to-business meetings. To make a contribution to professional education. To gain a better grasp of the local culture. To be the ideal international network for the sharing of information and debate.