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Miniatura began in 1983 as a place for miniaturists to get together and enjoy their hobby. A place where craftspeople and collectors could meet and celebrate the best of the miniatures hobby. The organisers have always put this sentiment at the heart of the show. It is very much for miniaturists and by miniaturists, even now we find ourselves at the National Exhibition Centre it is still our mission to support and grow the hobby above all else.
Carousel Craft Shows
Art and craft shows
We are the number one organizer and promoter of high quality art and craft shows serving the Twin Cities, Minnesota, and Midwest areas for 25 years. Here are 7 reasons why you should use Carousel Craft Shows.
Art event
3D2D's core activity is organising events that provide makers, designers, craftworkers and artists with venues where they can exhibit their work and sell directly to the public. The origins of the organisation go all the way back to the 1980s. The first fairs were held in Edinburgh in the Assembly Rooms. Fairs in Glasgow began soon after, with other cities and venues added later. Since then 3D2D has established a strong, reliable reputation for quality and diversity with both the public and potential exhibitors.
Makit of March
Textile craft
Created by Scilla Stephenson an ardent needlecraft enthusiast and her husband Steve a textile technologist, Makit of March are specialist providers of threads, tools and aids for all forms of textile craft including Quilting, Patchwork, Hand and Machine Embroidery, Lacemaking and Crochet.Our products are selected from quality, innovative manufacturers and reflect what we believe to be the best available in their category. Our stocks are extensive, our service is superb, and our knowledge is freely available to our customers.If you want first class products, first class delivery and a first-class customer service select your next purchase from our shop and enjoy the experience.
Craft Folk
Art & crafts
Craft*folK was established in 1994 and is dedicated to supporting genuine artists and crafts people who are looking to promote their work and actively encourage “in action” demonstrations to show off these skills. Individually produced food and drink displays are also welcome to add to the vibrant atmosphere of our contemporary events where a real passion for tradition sometimes comes with a modern twist!
Sincerely Yours
Clothes and fashion
Sincerely Yours is a leading event management company that was developed in the year 2006. The organization aims to develop the craft industry and also helps the professionals to connect and interact with each other and to share their ideas and experiences among the attendees who will be present at the show. It delivers great and impressive ideas and also helps the professionals associated with the sector to know and understand the industry efficiently. It hosts the Sincerely Yours Shows Leigh.
Asia Contemporary Art Ltd
Art show
The Asia Contemporary Art Show is Hong Kong’s most intimate hotel art fair experience. The 16th edition is on September 30 – October 3, 2021 and will feature more than 85 curated art living spaces at the 5-star Conrad Hong Kong.
Southern Highland Craft Guild
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OUR MISSIONCultivating the crafts and makers of the Southern Highlands for the purpose of shared resources, education, marketing, and conservation.A MAKERS’ GUILDWith a creative community of juried members spanning over nine states, the Southern Highland Craft Guild fosters opportunities for makers to build, market, and maintain their creative livelihood through continuing education, retail outlets, and mentorship. We are invested in helping members achieve their goals and providing them with the resources to refine and sell their craft.CULTIVATING FINE CRAFTThe Southern Highland Craft Guild is an advocate for high quality craftsmanship and goods made, sold, and curated in the Southern Highlands. Since 1930 we have served as a visionary advocate to help generations value the design and function of traditional and modern crafts.IMPACTING THE CREATIVE ECONOMYWe educate the region and arts community on the importance of craft and its ability to impact the local creative economy. Through our retail locations, demonstrations, craft fairs, and special events, we promote the purpose and appreciation of our makers and their craft.
Northcoast Promotions, Inc.
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Northcoast Promotions, Inc. specializes in organizing art shows, craft fairs & outdoor events. We work with for-profit and non-profit organizations, and host our own shows as well.
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