Agriculture & Forestry

1.Agriculture & Forestry
Convergence: agriculture, human and planetary health will help farmers meet their economic and environmental goals. Two-day conference brings together world-class consultants, practitioners and educators to offer knowledge about food development and its impact on people and planet. With presentations by soil scientists and eco-farmers, medical professionals, ecologists and financial experts, Convergence will empower farmers to increase profit.
James Cook University
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James Cook Institution (JCU) is Queensland's second oldest university and Australia's leading tropical university. JCU is a thriving, multi-campus university with main sites in the tropical Queensland cities of Townsville and Cairns, as well as sophisticated city campuses in Singapore and Brisbane, offering excellence in teaching and research. JCU is known for its specialisation in marine biology, environmental studies, tropical health, and tourism around the world. Many experts are guest speakers for our postgraduate programmes, and our professional coursework programmes are accredited by industry and professional groups. JCU faculty have won 31 national awards for teaching quality from the Australian Teaching and Learning Council in the last five years, which is more than many larger universities.
European Association for Cancer Research
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The EACR is a professional membership association and global community for those working and studying in cancer research, with more than 10,000 members worldwide. Our mission is “The advancement of cancer research for the public benefit: from basic research to prevention, treatment and care.”
Swedish University of Agriculture Science
1. Agriculture & Forestry 2. Medical & Pharma 3. Science & Research 4. Business Services 5. Education & Training
SLU researches and educates about food, clean water, materials and energy, as well as about pets, health and sustainable cities. SLU is a world leader in research in several areas. In the Times Higher Education Young University Ranking, for example, SLU is ranked 58th on the world list and as Sweden's best "young university". By STINT, the Foundation for the Internationalization of Higher Education and Research, SLU has received five stars out of five possible.
1. Agriculture & Forestry 2. Medical & Pharma 3. Business Services 4. Education & Training
We pride ourselves in maintaining long-standing relationships with our clients, as well as forging new ones with our global community.
International Academic Forum (IAFOR)
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The International Academic Forum (IAFOR) is a non-partisan, non-profit interdisciplinary think tank, conference organiser, and publisher that was founded in 2009. IAFOR is committed to promoting international contact, interdisciplinary conversation, and intercultural understanding, primarily through educational exchange and academic research.
1. Agriculture & Forestry 2. Arts & Crafts 3. Medical & Pharma 4. Industrial Engineering 5. Telecommunication
EasyChair is a virtual conference management system that makes it possible to hold a scientific conference of any size virtually or hybridly. Within minutes, you can publish your conference call for submissions and reach our 2 million users. Our Smart Slide platform allows authors to publish their slides and users to access and/or download the slides before and after the conference.
International Grains Council
1. Agriculture & Forestry 2. Business Services 3. Logistics & Transportation 4. Entertainment & Media
The International Grains Council (IGC) aims to promote food market transparency and the coordination of policy action in response to market uncertainty. Grains, rice and oilseeds market conditions are monitored on a daily basis, through circulation of daily reports and maintaining web-based information services. In October 2012, the IGC joined the Secretariat of the Agricultural Market Information System (AMIS), established at the request of Agriculture Ministers of the G20.
In Conference Limited
1. Agriculture & Forestry 2. Arts & Crafts 3. Medical & Pharma 4. Industrial Engineering 5. Travel & Tourism 6. Science & Research 7. Education & Training,
In Conference are professional conference and exhibition organizers(PCO) based in Scotland's capital city of Edinburgh. For over 16 years we have provided a comprehensive meeting and event management service for academic and medical associations, government and public sector bodies. Widely regarded as one of Europe's leading conference organizers, we manage large national and international conferences and exhibitions throughout the UK, Europe and North America.
The Institute of Poverty, Land and Agrarian Studies (PLAAS),
1. Agriculture & Forestry
The mission of PLAAS is to emphasise the central importance of the agro-food system in creating and perpetuating poverty — and also in eradicating it. Our work focuses on the dynamics of marginalised livelihoods, particularly those which are vulnerable, structurally excluded or incorporated into broader economic systems on adverse terms. We have considerable expertise in analysing land- and agriculture-based livelihoods of farm workers and small and subsistence farmers.
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