US college Expo

Canada’s unique, once a year US College Expo exclusively featuring American Colleges. Supporting Canadian students considering US educational options.
If you were born and raised in Canada or abroad, you may not understand the US post-secondary education system – or why your teen is so interested in going to college in the States! Of course you have heard of Ivy League schools like Harvard, Princeton and Yale. But what about specialized colleges like the New York Film Academy, whose alumni include Pierce Brosnan, Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins? Or Penn State, whose medical students intern in one of the world’s best children’s hospitals.
US Colleges and universities are among the most respected and acclaimed in the world, yet there are so many, it may be difficult to decide which ones would be a good fit for your child’s unique skills and talents.
There are more than 3,000 different universities and colleges in the United States. Some specialize in liberal arts education or professional degrees, such as medicine and dentistry, while others are omnibus institutions that offer general courses and various levels of athletic recruitment.

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1 May, 2021
This VIRTUAL event will build your skills in advising families about US college admissions as well as services that are available for Canadian students who are vying for an American post-secondary education!. Due to the limited spots, once you commit to...
Past Event