University Research Institute of Maternal and Child Health and Precision Medicine

U.R.I (University Research Institute for the Study of Genetic & Malignant Disorders in Childhood) is a unique national center for the clinical and molecular study and targeted therapies of genetic developmental, metabolic, endocrine, neurological, behavioral and neoplastic diseases of childhood and adolescence, including those of many Rare Diseases. It performs world class research in human developmental biology and pathology, and mentors and teaches many young physician-scientists or scientists the scientific method.

The University Research Institute is part of and resides in a “Pediatric Campus”, one of the largest pediatric complexes of Europe, which consists of 2 tertiary pediatric hospitals, a pediatric oncologic unit, 2 research institutes, 4 University Departments, many clinical residency training, educational, doctorate, and post-graduate programs, but also special units, like the only childhood bone marrow transplantation in Greece.

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1 Jul, 2021
Due to the ongoing unforeseen circumstance the Organizing Committee has decided to organize the 1st International Varicella Zoster Symposium virtually from July 1st to July 3rd, 2021. We hope that it will be worth the wait in what we believe...
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