University Children’s Hospital Zurich

The University Children’s Hospital Zurich is one of the leading treatment and research centers for child and adolescent medicine in Europe. As the largest academic pediatric hospital in
Switzerland, we cover the entire range of pediatrics and pediatric surgery: from newborns to young adults, from bone fractures to rare genetic metabolic diseases.

Treatment and research are closely intertwined. Our doctors are part of interdisciplinary research teams and work hand-inhand with experts and scientists all over the world. The aim of our research is to ensure that children and adolescents receive the best possible care in the prevention, treatment, and cure of diseases, injuries, and malformations – here at the Children’s Hospital Zurich and elsewhere.

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1 Oct, 2021
RECENT ADVANCES IN NEONATAL MEDICINE was originally scheduled for April 2020, however, due to the SARS-CoV2 pandemic we had to postpone the IXth edition to October 2021. In the year 1996, I organized the first symposium in Tübingen, Germany and...