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The Education and Development Forum (UKFIET) is committed to promoting and strengthening international education and development for all, regardless of gender, ethnicity, nationality, and other differences. It pursues this objective through:
1. Sharing educational ideas, knowledge and expertise between members and across the wider community, in the UK and internationally, through conferences, seminars and other meetings;
2. Encouraging the development of teaching, training, research and publication;
3. Serving as a resource to policy makers in government, multi-lateral and non-government organisations, and in other institutions;
4. Making representations and facilitating critical debate on issues of common interest.

Through our membership UKFIET constitutes a body of professional expertise that serves as a resource to policy-makers in multi-lateral, government, and non-government organisations, and to other institutions and agencies.

UKFIET is a non-profit organisation registered as a limited company in England No. 5725610 with Registered Charity No. 1116614. It has a Board of Trustees which oversees the Forum’s portfolio of activities. Also, the Forum has a volunteer Executive Committee which manages the delivery of the portfolio.

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