Taiwan Bio Industry Organization

Since its founding in 1989, the Taiwan Bio Industry Organization (TBIO) has been working closely with industry, government departments and academia to promote biotechnology and its contribution to Taiwan’s economy and the health of its people. The more than 100 organizations and 3,000 individuals that make up TBIO membership represent the entire life sciences industry spectrum, including from the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, diagnostics, medical devices and materials, agricultural biotechnology, and nutraceuticals sectors.

Promoting international exchange and cooperation

One of TBIO’s key responsibilities is organizing the BioTaiwan Convention, an annual week-long festival of biotech-themed events held in Taipei. Through this gathering, TBIO helps facilitate networking, licensing and cooperation opportunities between investors, researchers, biotech companies and other key stakeholders, with the event also playing an important role in improving Taiwan’s visibility within the global biotechnology community. TBIO also helps organize delegations to attend important overseas events, including a large combined industry-government delegation to the BIO International Convention held annually in North America.

Promoting communication between government and industry

In addition, TBIO organizes regular conferences, seminars and meetings inviting key industry leaders and government representatives to address members’ interests and concerns. In this way, TBIO acts as a bridge connecting the private sector, academia, government, and international interests.

Cultivating biotechnology industry talent

In 2015 TBIO helped establish the Bio Industry Academy (BIA), a training organization with a mission to better prepare local talent for employment in Taiwan’s booming biopharmaceutical industry, and to upgrade the industry as a whole. Training topics offered by BIA to date include new drug development, manufacturing processes, industry-related business, finance and management, among others. BIA is currently offering over 300 hours of courses each year and has so far helped prepare more than 200 specialists to high-level placement within this demanding industry.

Encouraging outstanding performance and innovation

TBIO organizes the annual Taiwan Bio-Industry Organization Awards, in Outstanding Company of the Year, Emerging Company of the Year, and Innovation of the Year categories. In doing so, TBIO aims to recognize local achievements and encourage innovation within this important industry, helping facilitate its further growth and the development of the entire biotechnology ecosystem.

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