SIFT Limited

We’re a premium digital publisher and agency reaching over 1.5 million+ professionals across the globe every month. We’re passionate about creating valuable content that sparks conversations and helps industry specialists embrace new ideas to affect the kind of change that drives businesses forward.

The brands we work with are looking to achieve similar outcomes – they want new business opportunities, brand lift and to set themselves apart from the competition.
As a leading B2B publisher driving progression and innovation in key industries through thought leadership, data, and insight we craft integrated marketing solutions to meet the challenges brands face.

We take great pride in obsessing over our audiences and love exploring our vast data pools to provide you with the knowledge and insight about what makes these industries tick.
The insight we glean from our readership of decision-makers, tech enthusiast, and dedicated professionals drives the content we create, the marketing solutions we build and the events we run. Data and insight is our magic sauce. Through our unrivalled access to accounting and business professionals, we can deliver insight and expertise that helps you reach and build meaningful relationships with your customers of tomorrow.

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1 Dec, 2021
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