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Search On Media Group starts from a project that is more a life project than a business one. The founders, Cosmano Lombardo and Giorgio Taverniti, have walked this way in a period in which the Digital World was not so known in Italy, pushing this subject into their country.

At the beginning of 2004, the forum gt combined into a single space skills, sharing and support, with the aim of spreading the digital culture as more as possible. Today it is still a meeting point for all the passionates of marketing, digital and IT.

The Forum grew bigger and bigger and so did the founders’ experience, so, after having met the CTO Andrea Pernici, it was possible to give birth to gt idea.

The main objective has always been to share ideas and knowledge. After 9 years, the business has grown more and faced a rapid evolution, all factors that have caused the need to leave the past behind and move a step into the future, creating Search On Media Group.

Keeping the same mission in mind, we organized our inner structure so that the business areas which were already part of the plan went to create their own reality. To achieve this goal, next to SEARCH ON MEDIA GROUP, we built SEARCH ON EDUCATION and SEARCH ON CONSULTING which work respectively in online and classroom training through educational events and products and strategic and operational cousulting about digital marketing.

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