Science and Engineering Research Center

The Science and Engineering Research Center (SERC) is a nonprofit international organization of scientists and researchers. As an international academic institution, the SERC takes the advance and progress of science and technology as its top priority. To achieve this goal, various methods have been tried and succeeded such as regularly held conferences, symposiums, and seminars etc.

Because of the desire for development and improvement, people in various fields in from various countries have enrolled at SERC. These people may be professors, students, engineers, scientists from academic institutes or independent researchers, but together they have made great contributions to the improvement of science and technology at SERC. With more people’s interest and more participants’ effort, it is sure that bigger and brighter successes are awaiting ahead.

Each year, the SERC organizes international conferences, symposiums and gatherings regularly for the sake of its members. During these periods, people would come to share with others his studies and researchers and to discuss about his concerns. As a respect to these participants, the SERC have always endeavored to provide them with comforting environments. The institute will also have international famous press publish the proceedings.

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