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Proventa is a company that pays more than just lip service to its values. Among other things, this means our “International” suffix isn’t meaningless: our team comes from numerous walks of life and countries of origin, including Malta, Bulgaria, Nigeria, and Italy. In total, more than half our team is from global backgrounds – so we know a thing or two about international.

One of Proventa’s greatest strengths is its team, and the camaraderie that keeps them so focused and engaged with every event, no matter where it is – Zurich, London, Boston or San Francisco. Whether celebrating an event gone well or motivated when a client is happy, the Proventa team is more than just a workforce.

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1 Jul, 2021
Need a unique online conference experience? Looking for a chance for real discussions and genuine networking? Proventa International’s online R&D strategy meetings help you make those important connections through interactive roundtable discussions and keynote panel debates – all in a...