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The People. (a.k.a People and Computers) originally established in 1981, is a leading B2B events producer and media company supporting the needs of the Israeli and international Tech and Business communities. Our almost 40 years of consistent presence in the market has provided us with in depth knowledge of the continuously evolving and currently highly disruptive IT environment. Equally, we have earned the trust and lasting support of the best in class C-suite executives in Israel, thus rendering us the leading voice of the high-tech community.
Our core philosophy revolves around the concept of engagement, sharing the knowledge and creating the opportunities for the leaders in the industry to connect, network, exchange ideas, share best practices; and all of these with a view of exploring new paths and avenues of growth and excellence.

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2 Jun, 2021
For years, we’ve been hearing about a real digital transformation that will make healthcare more accessible, affordable and better in so many ways. Despite great progress, however, we have still a long way to go. These days, however, when health...