Opus Kinetic

Opus Kinetic is a leading ISO 29993:2017 certified training and consulting company, specialising in providing training courses internationally. With a proven track record in various industries, we enjoy success within the Oil & Gas (Upstream & Downstream), Petrochemical, Geology, Maritime, Banking, IT, Defence and Project Management sectors. We are constantly researching on the latest industrial trends and work with renowned international trainers who are experts in their respective fields, to deliver high quality training courses.

We believe that people are why organisations are successful and are committed to providing knowledge to help them perform their jobs. Our professional training courses and in-house training programs are well received by multinational companies, private companies, state owned and government bodies.

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27 Sep, 2021
As the International Oil and Gas industry matures; competition has intensified as organisations seek different ways in which to achieve sustainable competitive advantage. One response to this has been to adopt a form of ‘risk transfer’ via outsourcing to make...