Northcoast Promotions, Inc.

Northcoast Promotions, Inc. (NPI) was created to meet specific needs for both the organization hosting an event, and the exhibitor. Years of experience allows NPI to create a seamless, stress-free event by ensuring consistency in all facets of our shows for everyone involved.
NPI takes the pressure off host organization staff and volunteers by recruiting qualified exhibitors. We work with both host organizations and exhibitors to manage agreements, confirmations and relevant, timely advertising on a per show basis. We provide design of promotional material such as flyers, signs, postcards and banners, and also provide coordination of social media. We collaborate with our exhibitors and the host organization to design appropriate set-up for their venue, supervise the organization’s volunteers as needed, and act as liaison between the organization and the exhibitor. We saw the need, and we addressed it with a comprehensive range of services.

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