NC Psychiatric Association

The North Carolina Neuropsychiatric Association was established on January 18, 1935 during a meeting at Dorthea Dix Hospital. At that time, there were 28 psychiatrists across North Carolina, with the great majority of them practicing in either private or public hospitals. (In 1946, the Association became an affiliate of the American Psychiatric Association.)

The NCNPA’s first petition to become a District Branch within the APA was rejected in 1955 based on differences between the two organizations’ membership criteria. However, later that year, the Association created a parallel organization, the North Carolina District Branch, which was accepted into the APA Assembly of District Branches on April 30, 1956.

The two state organizations merged in October 1970, and in 1985, the Association’s name was changed to North Carolina Psychiatric Association.

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1 Oct, 2021
This year’s NCPA Annual Meeting this October will again be fully virtual! The NCPA Executive Council and Annual Meeting Program Committee made this decision in order to best protect the health and safety of all attendees, exhibitors, and staff. If...