As a community of professionals who are interested in research, education and the practical applications of HCI, we create and shape how people interact with technology and understand how technologies have impacts on people’s lives. We conduct various user research and UX methods to co-create business and government solutions with the participation of stakeholders. We do consultation on usability issues and offer UX strategy to organisations when dealing with interfaces and interaction in the physical and the digital world. In addition, we advise companies and government agencies by discovering useful and impactful co-design innovations. From the research perspective, our members’ research is on numerous topics to explore and design the best ways possible for people to best experience technology.

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19 Aug, 2021
The goal of FUSION 2021 is to map out the HCI work (past and current) by gathering local HCI academicians and practitioners in Malaysia. In the context of our country that is diverse and has rich cultural life (hence: fusion),...