International Association of Advanced Materials – IAAM

IAAM (Org. nr. 802503-6784) is a renowned non-profit international scientific research organization active in the world of advanced materials. The organization works to facilitate a highly interactive community of advanced materials researchers and to stimulate partnerships, collaborations, and joint ventures that can translate into the rapid development of the scientific world. With the motto of ‘Advancement of materials to global excellence’, IAAM strives to utilize the sector of advanced materials to find solutions to the pressing issues of the world.

Working forward with this aim, the organization offers global research and education forums to induce development in the fields of advanced materials science, engineering, and technology. In the year 2020, IAAM is celebrating ten years of what has truly been a highly achieving and wondrous journey. In this new decade, IAAM is going to work extensively with the motto of ‘Advancement of Materials to Sustainable and Green World’.

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