Illinois Chiropractic Society

Our History
Established in 1926, the Illinois Chiropractic Society (ICS) is the largest chiropractic advocacy corporation in Illinois and is recognized in the Illinois Medical Practice Act. As the voice of chiropractic in Illinois, the ICS promotes professional standards, ethical conduct, advanced training and quality health care for the residents of Illinois. Additionally, the ICS protects patients’ rights and access to chiropractic care through the advancement of chiropractic in any and all appropriate settings, including health care facilities, private clinics, group practices, governmental institutions, higher learning institutions, research facilities and multi-disciplinary settings.

Our Action
Building on the rich and proud history of chiropractic in the Midwest and Illinois, ICS’ leadership reflects on the trail blazed in the past by brave chiropractic pioneers, while we continue to search for additional opportunities to serve patients’ needs in the evolving health care market. The ICS regularly interacts with elected officials, policy makers and leaders in health care to be the chiropractic voice where decisions are made that affect our member doctors, and equally importantly, the patients they serve. The ICS’ full time lobbyists, strategists and general counsel are vigilant in their duty to protect and advance the chiropractic license and chiropractic physician.

Our Stance
The Illinois Chiropractic Society’s philosophy is “Natural First!” This phrase represents the concept that conservative care should be considered first when the option exists. Doctors of Chiropractic are very well trained to deliver this skill set and to interact with providers of other specialties and disciplines. “Natural First” also serves as common ground for members with different philosophies and perspectives. While respectful of healthy differences, the common factors unifying the majority of chiropractic physicians are simply reflected in the cohesive “Natural First” banner. The ICS is open-armed, inclusive, welcoming, and fosters the collective family atmosphere found in each of the chiropractic practices it represents.

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