Energy And Environment Foundation

A leading global energy and environment organization committed for creating a clean and green energy efficient world on a greener planet. Energy And Environment Foundation is to promote sustainable development of the world’s energy and natural resources in an integrated and holistic way for the benefit of mankind. It aims to identify technology need, foster innovation and facilitate the development and implementation of new technologies with the understanding and knowledge of economic, financial and management issues in the energy and environment world and related industry.

Energy And Environment Foundation organizes International Conferences in Energy Sector (Petroleum, Coal, Natural Gas and Renewable Energy) and provides a forum for deliberation, discussion and knowledge exchange among environmentalists, scientists, technologists, executives, academia and industry experts worldwide to address the global energy and environment issues and related activities.
Specialties: To be the internationally recognized champion for facilitating the collaborative development of innovative technologies and processes within energy and environment sector.

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21 Aug, 2022
The World Renewable Energy Technology Congress & Expo an International Annual Conference & Exhibition. The WRETC & Expo aims to deliberate upon the challenges and opportunities faced by Energy sector in the wake of volatile energy markets and environmental concerns,...