Digitell, Inc.

Digitell was formed in 1985 as a conference recording company. Sessions were recorded and delivered on cassette tapes. Over the last 30 years, Digitell has evolved with the changes in technology and in fact has led the industry in making those changes as multimedia has moved from cassettes to CD’s to CD-ROM/DVD to Online. While we offer high quality products, it’s our customer service and attention to detail that separates us from our competition. Our headquarters are in Jamestown, NY where we employ 50+ staff members in areas of programming, virtual event technology, web design, graphic artists, marketing, audio/video technicians, tech support, administration and management. We also have offices located in Boston, MA, Washington, DC, Las Vegas, NV and San Diego, CA. In addition, we contract with a team of experienced and veteran freelancers around the country for on-site capture, streaming and support. These freelancers have been specifically trained by Digitell and work primarily for our company on an as-needed basis. Digitell was founded by Jim Parker in 1985; Jim remains CEO today.

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