Cosmetic Valley

The French cosmetic perfume industry brings together 3,200 companies, 80% of which are SMEs, employing 250,000 professionals. It invests more than 650 million euros in R&D each year. It constitutes a real industrial fabric between large groups and SMEs, public and private actors, laboratories, universities, and training establishments. In France, it integrates all the links in the sector, from the cultivation of medicinal or aromatic plants to the packaging and distribution of finished skincare, make-up, perfume and hygiene products.

The global cosmetic perfume market is expected to represent over $ 700 billion by 2025 with an average annual growth of around 5%. In this market, France is the world’s leading exporter with record figures in 2019: € ​​15.7 billion of products exported, the equivalent of more than 150 Airbus. This industry is the second largest contributor to our trade balance.

Coming from a collective of SMEs wishing to promote short-circuit synergies and jointly display the values ​​of the France brand internationally, the Cosmetic Valley association was created in 1994. Labeled as a competitiveness cluster in 2005, it is mandated by the State since 2014 to coordinate the national perfume and cosmetics sector. The cosmetic valley teams are now located in the Center Val de Loire (Chartres), Normandy (Caen), and New Aquitaine (Bordeaux) regions. They work in close collaboration with clusters, associations and professional federations in the sector.

Cosmetic Valley is the first cluster dedicated to the perfume-cosmetics industry to have been created in the world. Its model is now spread around the world and Cosmetic Valley thus benefits from a global network of connected clusters serving the development of innovation and international partnerships in the field of cosmetic perfumery.

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