Corney & Lind Lawyers

We help schools, not-for-profits, businesses, families and individuals approach their legal challenges with attention, care and integrity.

Our vision is to seek to provide advice and solutions that deliver redemptive, just and restoring outcomes, bringing order out of the chaos in this world.

We recognise the often devastating consequences that human error, institutional failures, fractured relationships, discrimination and other wrongs have on the whole person. We understand the importance of life-giving community; of safe and healthy families, institutions, charities, churches, schools and businesses that shape lives and culture. Cultivating wise decision making requires space, dignity, discretion and clarity around risks and options.

Each of our lawyers believe in the call on their lives to contribute to the fabric of this world through measured, timely, strategic counsel, courageous advocacy and clear documentation. This leads to Just Redemptive Outcomes®.

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