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Constant Change Media Group, inc. is a 360 media company that produces content (including music scores, documentaries, industrials), operates terrestrial and virtual events, including international conferences and festivals and offers consultancy in immersive experience development for all industries. CCMG – formed in 2007 – is the online extrapolation of Constant Change Productions – an independent music and video production label created in 1991 by founder Keram Malicki-Sanchez.

CCMG encompasses the online destinations that have arisen from the Constant Change network of technicians, producers, artists, animators, podcasters, actors, musicians, designers, writers and programmers and consultants that include social networking sites, member-based communities, entertainment portals and a variety of online publications and blogs.

We have over 20 years of experience with social network and media marketing, long before there were Facebooks or Foursquares. In fact Constant Change ran an online IRC community called #spindly back in the early 1990’s before there were visual web browsers! Later, CCMG maintained and moderated the Freedom v.2.0 online discussion boards which had several thousand users and ran ad-free for almost a decade. This means we can see where we have come from, where we are, and where we might be headed with the bigger picture always in mind.

We are also ready to serve you as new media consultants in a fast-changing, never-static business and media distribution world. We can assist you with setting up a blogging presence, social network marketing strategy, search engine optimization, micro-ad campaign and working in the correct way with today’s ad-aware online audience.

Other services and projects include media digitization, software development and website development, media development and post-production, and the production of high-quality content and events in various genres and industries. We invite you to explore these projects as you move through the site.

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