Bundesverband Bioenergie e.V.

Bioenergy is an extremely versatile form of renewable energy supply. A wide range of different technologies can be used to generate heat as well as electricity and fuels for the transport sector from an abundance of different raw materials. Biomass is also suitable for the combined generation of heat and electricity. The use of biogenic energy sources is just as possible for private individuals in smaller performance classes as it is for commercial use in medium performance classes, for example with agricultural biogas plants or biomass heating plants, or industrial plants such as biofuel refineries or biomass power plants. In contrast to other renewable energies, bioenergy is, strictly speaking, a multitude of different markets with different players.

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24 Jan, 2022
The 19th International Conference on Renewable Mobility “Fuels of the Future 2022” will take place on 24 and 25 January 2022 in Berlin. The aim of the International Conference is to provide participants with an up-to-date status report on the...