British Compressed Gases Association (BCGA)

BCGA’s Mission is to promote safety in the use, storage, transportation and handling of industrial, food and medical gases, which we do in part through our many respected publications. These are kept up-to-date through regular updates and may be viewed using the publications tab above.

BCGA is a not-for-profit Trade Association, representing the interests of 100+ member companies:

Manufacturers and suppliers of bulk liquid and cylinder gases.
Manufacturers of cylinders, vessels and tanks for their storage and distribution.
Manufacturers of equipment for controlling the application and use of gases.
Installers of distribution pipework and systems.
Providers of specialist safety, health, quality, inspection and training services.

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28 Apr, 2022
The next BCGA Conference will be held on Thursday 28th April 2022 at The Marriott Hotel & Country Club, Worsley Park, Manchester. Further information will be posted later in the year. Would you like to be included on the mailing...