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In the spring of 2007, shortly after our founding, the first thing we sold was a pair of long-term care shoes.
We spent nearly an hour listening to customer telephone consultations and proposed the best nursing shoes for our customers. We received a thank-you call from our customers after the nursing shoes arrived, which was a great encouragement for us.
When we started the online shopping business, we didn’t think of ourselves as a “company that sells things”. We thoroughly understand both the thoughts that manufacturers put into their products and the needs of customers who need them, and optimally match customers with products to create the highest satisfaction-this is ours. I thought it was a “mission”.

In order to realize this, we do not dare to seek efficiency even though it is an online shopping, and at the same time we make an overwhelming product lineup by making it a specialty store (boutique) for each product genre, and at the same time, we provide friendly customer service as close as possible to face-to-face sales and customers We have continued to stick to proposing the best products that meet the needs of. As a result, we received tremendous support from our customers, and we were able to grow into a top-class company in the online shopping of nursing care products.

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