AccuTrain Corporation

AccuTrain™ provides a comprehensive menu of resources and events for educators – including teachers, counselors, nurses, principals, deans and social workers – as well as transportation, school safety and food service personnel.

Discover outstanding online, DVD-based or print-based training resources on critical health, counseling, behavior management, safety and compliance issues. High production values and accurate, well-researched content are consistent elements of each AccuTrain training resource.

In addition to our library of more than 100 online and DVD courses and dozens of print-based materials, AccuTrain is a leader in providing instructor-led continuing education. Calling upon nationally renowned authors and experts in the areas of relational aggression, behavior management, groundbreaking teaching strategies, working with students with emotional/behavioral challenges, school safety and innovative counseling techniques, AccuTrain offers a host of webinars, public seminars, on-site training options and national conferences.

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