7 Most Effective Ways To Boost Virtual Event Engagement

7 Most Effective Ways To Boost Virtual Event Engagement

A selection of tried-and-tested methods that will put your virtual event on the map

In the wake of a global pandemic, hard lockdowns in various countries, and business travel bans, the world of events and conferencing has changed forever. While many in-person events are sure to resume in due time, a large number of conference organisers, businesses, and event attendees are turning to our virtual event platform as they recognize not only the incredible benefits but also the unlimited potential of virtual and hybrid events. 

In the age of technology, traditional in-person events don’t have the same appeal that they did a decade ago. Even art galleries and theatres are realizing the potential of hosting an online exhibition. With the rise of livestreaming, online trade shows, personalized on-demand meetups, and virtual reality experiences, brands are finding more ways to connect with consumers, and the events industry is quickly following suit. 

The fact is that virtual and hybrid events are the future of the event industry. While technology is considered to be a fundamental part of modern life, we know that there’s one thing that always trumps technology: human connection. You may have loads of brilliant virtual event ideas, but how do you get people to attend your online conference

One of the best ways to connect your event to an audience that is eager and willing to engage with your content is by becoming a part of the GENCommunity. Simply list your upcoming virtual or hybrid event on GlobalExpo-Net and enjoy the benefits that come from aligning yourself with a platform that virtual attendees trust. Go one step further by incorporating the following methods into your next hybrid or virtual event, and you can foster a sense of engagement that replaces the feeling of being at an in-person gathering with a genuine online connection. 

The key to winning over your virtual audience is creating content they really care about

1. Offer virtual event content that attendees really care about

The best content is always that which serves the needs of its audience. Curating in-demand content is a great way to help your audience solve problems and learn new things while being entertained. If you’re planning a virtual event, curating content and sharing it in easily consumable chunks is the way to go. Your audience will appreciate the time you’ve taken to create something for them that they genuinely enjoy, and they’ll tune in again for more.

2. Refocus attention with an activity, contest, or quiz

For your virtual event to be successful, you need to create an experience that doesn’t feel like it’s actually a remote one. Online activities are an excellent way to keep attendees engaged and make the most of your event. There’s a lot to learn from virtual events, so why not set a quiz to challenge your attendees and get their neurons firing? Plus, these quiz results provide useful insights that you can use to continue improving your events. By giving participants questions that require them to think critically, you’ll get better data on how they react to certain information, which can help make future events more relevant and beneficial.

3. Prioritize an element of real-time interaction

It’s easy to feel disengaged during a webinar, especially if the presenter is simply reading off of a script. In order to cultivate an atmosphere of real engagement, it’s important to invite questions and collect feedback. Giving participants the option to engage with real-time polls and surveys makes the entire event more interactive, which is crucial for keeping people interested.

Give your attendees the opportunity to tell you exactly what they think of your virtual event

4. Go over and above with on-demand content

Since every attendee at a virtual or hybrid event will be there for a different reason, it’s vital that you provide a personalized experience. On-demand access to past webinars and other useful content is what virtual event attendees need, so that’s what you need to give them. By making pre-recorded webinars and valuable tips easily accessible, you can help to create an environment where information flows freely, resulting in more well-informed attendees. 

5. Offer push notifications for attendees who want to stay informed

Mobile apps have completely revolutionized the way that we conduct business, and the business of events is no exception. Offering real-time messaging in the form of push notifications is especially beneficial for virtual events because it can help hosts instantly communicate with their attendees. A push notification system is an excellent way of communicating with attendees on mobile devices, keeping them informed of schedule changes and other important information.

6. Add an element of friendly competition

Encourage user engagement by using gamification to add badges, points, and rankings to your events. Attendees can earn points or badges through various methods of participation, like filling in surveys or attending workshops. By adding a competitive element to the proceedings, it’s possible to turn a crowd of strangers into a rabble of friendly competitors, all sharing in the virtual event experience.

7. Don’t forget to make it social

If you want to increase your event’s reach and ensure your attendees feel at home, you can set up a dedicated social media presence on the platforms that are most popular with your demographic. For example, if you’re having an event for business owners, a LinkedIn Group is the perfect place to showcase your speakers and talk about topics related to the event. These dedicated social media channels can also act as a virtual meeting post where attendees can check in and continue the conversation long after your event has concluded. 

To sum up:

  • As technology continues to evolve, virtual and hybrid conferences are becoming the norm.
  • One thing that attendees may feel is missing from their virtual conference experience is a human connection. 
  • A sure way to boost engagement and make attendees feel seen is to offer content that they really care about. 
  • You could break the monotony of watching talks on a screen with an activity, contest, or quiz. 
  • Real-time polls and surveys help attendees to get a sense of interaction and cultivate an atmosphere of engagement. 
  • You can personalize each attendee’s experience of your event by offering them access to a library of supplementary on-demand content.
  • Push notifications are a highly effective way of keeping attendees informed and engaged. 
  • Adding a gaming element to your event will motivate attendees to participate in a more deliberate way and make your event more fun to be a part of. 
  • Dedicated social channels can not only promote your event but also serve as virtual meeting points for attendees who want to continue their discussions after your event ends. 

 Just because your event is happening in virtual spaces doesn’t mean that you can’t give it a human touch. By becoming a part of the GENCommunity, you can elevate your event and make it easily accessible to attendees across the globe. With a little creativity and clever problem solving, you can transform your virtual event into a once-in-a-lifetime experience that attendees will remember for years to come.

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