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1 Apr, 2021 - 31 Dec, 2021
EX Sourcing provides a Hybrid Sourcing Solution beyond the era with the integration of physical and virtual exhibition. It fosters online engagement and real-time interaction between exhibitors and buyers which seamlessly synchronizes with how physical booth works.
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1 Apr, 2021 - 30 Apr, 2022
“InnoPreneur Network” is a new O2O (online-to-offline) one-stop SME and startup platform held by The Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) aiming to share on the latest technology applications and strategies on technological transformation and commercialisation of startup solutions with a...
2022 New Normal - Retail Digitalisation on the Rise
26 Nov, 2021 - 26 Nov, 2021
Seizing opportunities and staying ahead in the market are of utmost importance for successful SMEs. How can SMEs capture new business opportunities in 2022? In the 2022 Retail Digitalisation seminar on November 26 (Friday), DBS SME Banking will join hands...
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NFT Craze – Where are the Business Opportunities?
24 Feb, 2022 - 24 Feb, 2022
Do you know? A purely-digital NFT by the American digital artist ‘Beeple’ fetched a record-breaking $69 Million (ETH 42,329) at auction last year, surprising every artist over the world. Artists, collectors, entrepreneurs, investors have flocked to the NFT frenzy as...