Wurzburg International Business Forum International Business Conference

The conference aims to bring together the findings of recent research in the fields of international business, multinational corporations, foreign direct investment, and small and medium-sized multinationals, with a particular focus on SME internationalisation and international entrepreneurship in times of crisis, such as the current one.
The conference’s overall goal is to examine global patterns and forces that influence small firm internationalisation, international entrepreneurship, and crisis management in today’s fast-changing world affairs, primarily due to the Covid19 pandemic, with regard to multinational corporations’ foreign operations, whether small or large in scale.

Event Contact
Address: Fhws, Würzburg, Germany
Phone: TBC
Email: wibf.fwiwi@fhws.de
Business Services
This group is for all students who studied an international Bachelor`s Degree Programme at FHWS. An exchange about career opportunities, experiences and useful contacts shall be encouraged.
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