World Congress on Novel Coronavirus and Diagnosis

World Congress on Novel Coronavirus and Diagnosis webinar will be held during March 2021 with theme of “Research findings of COVID-19 on Diagnosis and Vaccines”, which will be organized by Herald Meetings. In this COVID webinar mainly focuses on development of diagnosis and vaccines.

Herald Meetings are inviting Healthcare Professionals, Scientists, Research Analysts, Nurses, Professors, Students, Non-healthcare professionals, Economists and etc.…

Each and every individual knows that how the World is fighting now…Very tiny part of Globe have been experiencing one of worst pandemic in decades. For the human life, these kind of pandemics & epidemics are not new ones because in the past decades world had an experience with many pandemics & epidemics like Plague, Black Death, Cholera, Spanish Flu (1918-1920), AIDS (1981 to present), SAR’s (2002), H1N1 Swine (2009-2010), MERS (2012), Ebola (2014-2016), Zika Virus (2015- to present)… Now COVID-19 (Corona Virus Disease), it is caused by the virus called severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus2 (SARS-CoV-2).

There is a huge difference between this COVID-19 pandemic to other previous pandemics. Hope everybody can expect that difference, and now a days everyone is running behind that one too. Absolutely in today’s growing economy, current pandemic COVID-19 is a huge impact. In terms of Business, Technology, Development, Research, Education, and etc.…

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