Windpower Data and Digital Innovation Forum

The Windpower Data and Digital Innovation Forum has been scheduled to critically analyse practical insights for Big Data in wind farm and Wind turbine, SCADA at wind farms and also Wind power plant management in order to improve Wind Power farms reliability, sustainability, and overall performance. Attendees will gather to discuss the importance of data-driven predictive maintenance and develop an optimized strategy for their Wind Farm performance. Advanced data analytics and Integrated Big Data platforms based on IoT develop analytical opportunities for planning and forecasting, revealing the bright future for the Wind industry.Don’t miss a chance to join our virtual event where we would be disclosing practical insights for not just Wind power plant management, but also Power Curve Upgrade (PCU), High Wind Ride through (HWRT) and Wind farm data architecture, in order to develop a clear digital strategy.

Event Contact
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Producing and organizing small-senior-levl business meeting and forum
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