The conference that brings together Product, UX, Design and Dev to learn the latest practices, methods and tools for high-performing cross-functional product teams. We highlight the leading practices that teams are adopting around the world to build better products, faster, together. But we also share the challenges faced along the way. We help people to see outside of their silo to get a systems view of product delivery. T-shaped people with knowledge across Product, UX, Design and Dev are critical in high-performing product teams. People don’t hate change – they hate being changed. We give people the motivation and the tools so they can champion change.

Event Contact
Address: Ireland
Phone: TBC
Email: louise@uxdx.com
1. User Experience 2. Experience Design 3. Developer Experience 4. Product Management 5. Information Architecture 6. UI Design
Break down the barriers between Product, UX, Design and Dev to empower teams to build products that both customers love and deliver exceptional business results.