Unlearn and Relearn Marketing


Daniel Hageo, Managing Director – APAC, Emarsays

Gabriel Kwong, Founder, AirWorld

Vin Ng, Head of Business Development (HK), Spread-It



Annie Yeung, Vootprint


Why Next-GEN Webinar?

GEN Webinar is an informative session that we hope would bring value and insights to members’ profession.  


Webinar Format

  • 10-15 mins about your company and your topic, follow by a Q&A
  • Share on insights, case studies or any interesting information on your topic
  • Presentation can include your company’s contact information


Event Contact
Address: Virtual
Phone: TBC
Email: marketing@globalexpo-net.com
Exhibitions & Event
GlobalExpo-Net (GEN) is a centralized business event platform for international B2B business users, including venue owners, event organizers, exhibitors, visitors, to access a wide array of worldwide virtual events on one single online portal.
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