Tulane Maya Symposium

For 17 consecutive years, the Tulane Maya Symposium has been an important stage for conversation and interaction between specialists and non-specialists from different parts of the world. As importantly, it is also an occasion to come together and celebrate as a community.

Event Contact
Address: New Orleans
Phone: TBC
Email: tms@tulane.edu
1. Building & Construction 2. Science & Research 3. Business Services 4. Education & Training 5. Miscellaneous 6. Environment & Waste 7. Apparel & Clothing 8. Medical & Pharma
Since our founding as a medical college in 1834, we've evolved into one of the country's most prestigious research universities. The Association of American Universities, an elite group of top-ranked research institutions, has only 62 members. But we're not an ivory-tower, 40,000-foot-view kind of place. Yes, there's a lot of intellectual clout on campus. Our professors are working on a variety of projects, including preserving the Gulf's aquatic resources and documenting the region's unique musical heritage. You won't be able to see that academic talent from afar because of our small size (only 8,610 undergrads; classes average 21 students). The brilliant faculty members who are carrying out that work are also eager, nurturing educators, and they will begin teaching your classes as soon as you arrive.
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