Transit Ticketing & Fare Collection Europe

The mission of this conference is to discuss emerging trends in the systems industry in Europe, review case studies, look at best practices, highlight technological innovations and opportunities, explore solutions to key challenges, and discuss the way forward in Europe. It will also provide a platform to discuss the EC’s support and funding for the deployment of electronic and smart ticketing systems as well as its strategy to establish an integrated ticketing system across the region. The two-day virtual conference will have 12 targeted sessions with participants from all major European countries providing insights and advice, highlighting developments and opportunities, and offering solutions to enhance the customer experience. The conference will also help participants understand the role of government agencies, transport authorities, operators, fare system providers, hardware and software suppliers, acquirers, and technology suppliers in establishing advanced, integrated, and interoperable ticketing systems.

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1. Urban mass-transit projects2. Tenders and contracts information3. Policy review and updates4. Finance and data statistics
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