TINtech London Market

Leveraging technology to drive innovation and enable successful change in the London market

Following a year of disruption we enter a period of transition where all organisations across the London market value chain will look to leverage digital to reshape their businesses and operating models. One thing is for certain, we will not be going back to the old ways of working.

To get a taster of what the 2022 agenda will look like, take a look at the topics we dicussed at Virtual TINtech London Market 2021 below:

Successfully leveraging digital to drive and enable the transformation agenda in your organisation
Rethinking operating models around digital processes, data and client service
Creating a high-performance organisational culture that enables innovation
“Fixing the roof when the sun shines” – ensuring the hardening market does not hide organisational inefficiencies and deficiencies
FAL / Blueprint 2 and market modernisation

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