Tianfu International Lighting Fair

Chengdu is the science and technology center, business center, financial center and transportation and communication hub in the western region, and the main artery of the western economy. In response to the needs of urban construction and development, this exhibition was jointly created by the Sichuan Lighting Electrical Appliance Association and Dana Exhibition, linking the resources of the government, associations, and the main exhibitor to integrate the advantages of the three parties to create a benchmark exhibition in the western lighting industry.

Event Contact
Address: 1804, Building 2, No. 138, Shudu Center, Tianfu Second Street, High-tech Zone, Chengdu
Phone: TBC
Email: tile.media@donnor.com
1. Printing
The company has held numerous influential national and international exhibitions and has been approved for UFI full member status along with “Shanghai Int’l advert, print, pack& paper Expo” and “Int’l Construction Material & Indoor Decoration, Energy-saving, Advanced Wall Material Expo”, “AD Technology Equipment Exhibition”, “Printing & Packing Industry Exhibition” , “Shanghai International Expo for Corrugated Carton and Converting Industry”, “Shanghai Int’l Biotech & Pharm Tech Exhibition”etc. are also famous brands.
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